Green Door

Identity System

Green Door Used Books and Studio is a used bookstore located in downtown Hobart, Indiana. They are known and loved by their community for their friendly customer service and the variety of used books they sell. As a class project, I designed their identity system, created an identity manual, and designed identity applications.

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As a part of my research, I interviewed the owners and toured the store to get a better understanding of their business. The owners were interested in a clean and simple design to attract more young adults and to set Green Door apart from the common used book store.


Learning that the unique door at the place of business was the inspiration for the name inspired my concept of combining a book and a door into a logomark. This monogram timeline shows my process in narrowing and refining my initial designs.

Final Design

My final design focuses on the influence of the door as the reason behind the business’s name. The letters of the monogram are thicker at the bottom to emulate the original door's frame structure. The typeface used for “Green Door” was chosen to pair well with the letterforms of the monogram. The letter “G” was altered to match the style of the “G” in the Monogram.