Green is Good

Identity, Food Truck Design, Print, Digital Illustration, and Packaging

Green is Good, located in Crown Point, Indiana, is restaurant that specializes in providing fresh and organic healthy options to those who are on the go. The restaurant is run and owned by Kate Rathner, who does all the food preparation herself. From the interview I conducted with her, I learned that her business focuses on making healthier choices more available to the customer.


In my research, I was inspired by the Hippeas identity and packaging design. Hippeas sells organic chickpea puffs, which naturally may only appeal to those who are health conscious, however, the product reaches a broad demographic because its design is memorable and generates a positive reaction through its use of color. This inspired me to generate a positive reaction through the use of bright color and illustrations in my own designs.


The identity also incorporates illustrations of ingredients in some of the most popular dishes. Along with these illustrations is a color scheme that is meant to catch attention. I chose to create illustrations to make a fun and engaging aspect of the brand, which is something that can be lacking in health related brands. The Illustrations can stand alone, but for the most part, the illustrations group together to create a pattern that is incorporated on packaging, the food truck, and the menu card.

Pun Illustrations

I incorporated food puns into the design because the owner enjoys puns and it also captures the fun and engaging aspect that I am going for in this brand.


In order to design both the menu card and the menu board on the food truck, I researched menu engineering. My research suggested to avoid creating a column of prices to prevent viewers from shopping based on prices only. To avoid this, I staggered the prices instead of aligning them to the right. On the back of the menu card, I included contact information and the suggestion to follow the restaurant on social media. As for the menu board on the food truck, I took out the lengthy descriptions and increased the size so that it is easier to read from a distance. I also changed the menu to a horizontal orientation to decrease the length of each column and to increase legibility.

Food Truck

For the food truck, I wanted the design to be engaging and fun. I incorporated the food illustration pattern on the left and right sides of the truck to catch attention.


For the packaging, I created a custom salad box because salads are a best seller. The boxes have a tapered shape which is easy for stacking and storing in limited space on the food truck. The window on the box immediately showcases the fresh, organic ingredients as a part of the presentation. The window also creates a visual parallel between the fresh food inside and the illustrations on the packaging. To hold the packaged meals, I branded a brown paper bag with the wordmark, illustrations, and a pun.