Impart Design Campaign

Identity, Web, Advertising, And Print

A majority of visual art students feel a disconnect between themselves and communication skills. As a solution to this problem, the organization “Impart” provides resources for visual art students to improve their written and verbal communication skills. The resources are accessible through their website, and consist of guidelines, tips, and criteria for varying situations.

The objective is to influence artists to consider written and verbal communication skills as essential to their profession, and to assist those who are seeking to improve their skills by providing a range of resources that are specific to artist related situations. “Impart” consists of four design components: an identity system, website, poster advertising, and an exhibition.


Because artists feel disconnected towards written and verbal communication, it was important for the identity to be subtle yet visually engaging. The wordmark references communication subtly with the letter “p” and “a” visually implying speech bubbles. Instead of focusing on the communication aspect, the identity concentrates on bright colors and being more approachable, so that the idea of communication does not discourage the audience from engaging. The color yellow was chosen as the primary color because it references light and knowledge. It also establishes a happy and light mood.

Resources and Website

The resources are accessed through the “Impart” website and are divided into three main categories: key resources, recommended guidelines, and strategies.


As a form of surrogate advertising, “Impart” will host art exhibitions that will draw in their target audience with what they are familiar with and interested in. Exhibitions will feature work loosely involving communication. As a takeaway, postcards will be available and feature artwork on display. The exhibitions will inspire viewers to think about communication and also inspire artists to create and submit work to be featured in future exhibitions

Poster Advertising

The poster advertising presents a familiar visual to creatives: an artwork and artist statement. The artist statement uses humor to express the struggle of writing about artwork and inspires student artists to improve their skills. The poster advertising intends to make the audience think about how communication impacts their own work and life as an artist. The goal is to inspire student artists to view these skills as necessary and to want to improve their skills.